How to source from China

How to overcome barriers to success

In the face of increasing pressure to source cheaper components, UK manufacturers are being forced to move away from their trusted Western European supply base to lower cost economies such as China. Whilst this offers extensive cost savings it also presents significant challenges and hidden risks, including:

  • Poor product quality
  • Communication barriers (both linguistic and cultural)
  • Different technical, material and industrial standards
  • Logistics complexities
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Terms and conditions of supply

Knowing how to effectively manage these issues can make the difference between the successful introduction of a global sourcing campaign and project delays, missed cost reduction targets, quality problems, lost production and commercial liabilities associated with an eight-week supply pipeline full of scrap parts! ChinaTech Sourcing’s experience means that we know how to address each of these barriers to successful sourcing from China.

How to overcome causes of failure

Some companies have had a poor experience when trying to source components from distant supply partners in low cost economies like China. The main root causes of failure frequently identified in case studies are shown to be inadequate technical and programme management, and having a presence in China. ChinaTech Sourcing provides a full Technical and Programme Management service throughout each project, which will identify any technical issues at an early stage and resolve any problems promptly.

How to overcome lack of resource in China

As many UK companies simply don’t have the resources to send their own personnel to China for extensive periods, it becomes very difficult to undertake the routine – but necessary – Quality Assurance tasks. ChinaTech Sourcing has bilingual qualified engineers based in China who will support your project from the outset. As well as identifying the most suitable manufacturers to source your components, they will be responsible for negotiations, auditing, supplier development, quality control, trouble-shooting and monitoring of key project milestones.

Tap into our know-how to source from China

ChinaTech Sourcing enables you to benefit from the best of both worlds – comprehensive project management on location by native speakers, with the simplicity of communication and risk-free control from dealing with a UK supplier.