ChinaTech Sourcing can deliver fully finished components complete with graphics applied when required. This saves the client from having to source another process supplier before his parts enter his assembly line.

Pad printing is a fast and cost-effective means for applying graphics, for example a logo, onto a three-dimensional component by transferring ink from a plate to the part by means of a silicone pad. Machines can be semi-automatic with an operator positioning the part into a fixture between each cycle or, for larger volumes, fully automatic, with parts placed in the fixture by robot. The graphic may be single colour or a number of colours applied one by one while the part is in the one fixture, or rotated to a separate station on a carousel for each colour application.

You will find more detailed information on pad printing on and brief video demonstrating the process on

Other finishing processes available from ChinaTech Sourcing include:

Printing on aluminium die casting
Printing on painted aluminium die casting