Painting and powder coating

ChinaTech Sourcing can also arrange for your parts to be finished with a range of paint or powder coat solutions. Most of the large Western paint and powder coating suppliers have a strong presence in China (for example, Akzo Nobel or Interpon) and we have good working relationships with powder coating companies that they supply.

One of the largest causes of customer quality issues can be paint finish. This is because paint finish is very subjective and it is also the first thing the end user sees. We have good experience of meeting some of the most demanding specifications for finish appearance and masking.

Powder coating is mainly used for coating metals and produces a tougher finish than conventional paint. The dry, free-flowing powder is usually applied electrostatically and then cured under heat to form a ‘skin’ on the part. Two main types of powder are used: thermoplastic and thermoset polymer.

Some of the companies we use for powder coating and painting also have their own plating facilities for pre-treatment purposes, which helps ensure overall control of finishing and corrosion performance. If customers have special corrosion performance criteria we are happy to work with them to develop the specifications and perform salt fog testing on sample parts.

Other finishing processes available from ChinaTech Sourcing include:

Painted and machined steel casting
Steel castings unfinished and machined, turned