ChinaTech Sourcing is able to source low cost, high quality forgings in small or large quantities from a selection of pre-approved ISO 9000 and TS 16949 accredited factories in China. Unlike many sourcing agents we are not restricted to one or two suppliers, but have links with dozens of highly regarded forging shops. This manufacturing depth gives us a wide range of capabilities to meet your specific requirements.

Forging processes

Forging is one of the oldest metal processing techniques, and can result in stronger metal products than casting. There are several different types of processes used for forgings, including hot and cold forging, open and closed die forging.

With impression-die drop forging (also known as closed-die forging) the metal is placed in a die resembling a mold, attached to an anvil. The hammer is then dropped onto the work piece, causing the metal to flow into the die cavities.

In commercial impression-die forging the metal changes from an ingot to the final form by moving through a series of cavities in a die. The first impression distributes the metal into a rough shape. Blocking cavities then work the piece into a shape resembling the final product, with the end shape forged in a final impression cavity.

Sourcing forgings from China

ChinaTech Sourcing specialises in the global outsourcing of custom-designed OEM, precision die forgings from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We can provide die (or drop) forgings in various grades of aluminum, brass, iron, steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloys. Dealing with a variety of suppliers we can also offer automatic hot forging, precision metal forging, normalised, annealed and slow furnace cooled components.

The major saving gained by sourcing offshore parts is the labour and therefore labour-intensive secondary operations. As well as forging capabilities, our suppliers also have CNC machining and finishing facilities. It is always more economical to add maximum value to the component by sourcing forgings as close to the finished part as possible. This also eliminates any potential issues on delivery with voids or inclusions.


Prior to production supply all forgings are initially supplied as PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) samples along with necessary ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Reports) material composition and mechanical testing results. Ongoing production will be controlled with appropriate process documentation, control plans, gauging instructions and regular quality sampling via the inspection laboratories. Where necessary, SPC control can be applied to critical features. For your further peace of mind, all deliveries are supplied with relevant chemical composition certificates and/or reports.

Photo of a forging being made
Illustration of the forging process
Photo of forgings cooling