Feasibility / Design for Manufacture

If you talk to any manufacturing professional they will tell you 80% of the opportunity to save cost and improve product quality is at the concept design stage. It is important therefore to consider every design for production feasibility and opportunities for cost reduction. Also the manufacturing process can have an important influence in the design of the part.

Our engineers are happy to work with your engineers as early as the concept design stage to ensure all opportunities for cost reduction are considered as well ensuring the part design is feasible for the manufacturing process.

Examples might include:

  • Draft Angles
  • Wall thicknesses
  • Avoiding porosity
  • Considering manufacturing locations
  • Considering Process Variation / Tolerance Stack Up
  • Tooling Access
  • Reducing parts count
  • Reducing the number of fixings
  • Poka Yoke so parts canít be assembled incorrectly
  • Chamfers for easy assembly of parts
Feasibility/Design for manufacture